Married couples live busy lives but women have an extra responsibility.
Men are allowed to get it wrong sometimes but women have to get it right all the time!  It’s ok for dad to pack lunch wrong, forget the kids at school, burn dinner on their cook night, miss sign-up date for hockey season, forget an important anniversary, dent the car, not balance the budget, be silent on making family peace, take a back seat on arranging senior care, or get it wrong a few more times at work.  One can sleep 8 seconds after hitting the pillow and the other spends an hour trying to balance life.  Guess which gender stays awake more?

So why is commercial real estate more female friendly than residential 1-4 units?
A 12 unit building comes with a property manager and a large enough monthly pay check to impact personal finances.  A property manager will handle tenant issues, collect rents, enforce rules, perform building maintenance, oversee repairs and prepare financials.  That $4,000 monthly cash flow check provides options, enables task delegation, and eases budget constraints.  It provides the time to enjoy a glass of wine.
Commercial buildings are purpose built!
Purpose built buildings are designed to easily facilitate multiple tenants, continuous rental, noise reduction and rugged treatment.   They are designed with security systems, fire systems, intercom systems, laundry facility, storage lockers, and tenant parking features which justify higher rents plus provide extra income sources.  Old Victorian 2-5 unit homes were not designed to handle multiple family’s therefore great stress is placed on property systems leading to ongoing maintenance which reduce income while increase stress.

Why do many women shy away from commercial real estate?
Lots of women mistakenly think commercial real estate is a man’s domain requiring expert fix-it-knowledge and brute strength.  Nothing is further from the truth because those masculine qualities are shared by both genders.  Plus it’s the property manager that has to have those qualities added to their organization and mediation skills.  To learn more REGISTER for our free 2 day event.

Most people think you have to start small and work up to big!
That’s linear thinking based upon our existence.  Not including life before or after death; we are linear beings who experience birth, childhood, adolescence, youth, adulthood, old age and death.  Real estate isn’t alive!  Big is better and builds wealth faster if you have an experienced guide to walk you through the process from start to finish.  Why buy 3 houses over 5 years to generate $500-$800 combined monthly cash flow when for the same output a 12 unit property can provide $3,000-$4,000 monthly cash flow today?

How can you afford a commercial building?
Right partners! Two or three people working together can achieve more in a shorter time with less effort than one person.  An experienced guide walking the buyer through the purchase process and structuring a partnership agreement can make a 12 unit building reality now.

What is the next step?
Although this article is geared to only half the female population, the type of real estate I subscribe works for all women.  Make the time on Saturday February 21 & Sunday February 22 to spend 2 days with a property investment guide who has purchased 12 unit buildings and structured partnership agreements.  Learn the truth about commercial property investing and make an informed decision about commercial real estate.

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