Group Trip to BELIZE

Come along with the NidusHub Tribe to Belize in February 2020 for discovery, training, investment opportunity & fun!

Belize is secluded in the Yucatan Peninsula of Central America and offers breathtaking coastal scenery and assure Caribbean Sea waters.

It includes spectacular waterfalls, dense virgin jungle, the world’s 2nd largest barrier reef, stunning wildlife & Mayan archaeological sites.

Belize’s official language is English so all business documents are easy to understand.

Belize has the same government structure, land ownership rights, & legal system as Canada.

NidusHub believes Belize is the next Costa Rica but with much lower land & property prices.

Spend time in Paradise learning how to invest and review opportunities, while building lasting friendships.

We book all activities & events so
you don’t have to (unless you want to!)

1. Taxi (Canada & Belize)

2. Flights
3. Hotel & accommodations
4. Events & outings

Trip cost to be determined by
January 1, 2018 (based on
number of participants).


Day 1 РFlight to Belize (Toronto-Miami-Belize) (9am Р11:45am) 
Day 2 – 10am – 2pm (group training)
Day 3 – 10am – 2pm (group training)
Day 4 – 10am – 2pm (group training)
Day 5 – No schedule
Day 6 –¬†Flight to Canada

We train from 10am to 2pm leaving the rest of the day for activities with friends.

There is one “run wild” day with no scheduled training.


– Economy & growth

– Land ownership
– Purchase rules

– Investment strategies
– Tourist benefits & services
– Tax & retirement benefits
– Local power team support

Type of BELIZE projects we build

Our work in Belize