Matt has done a great job of deciphering the skills to excel as an investor in real estate.  His communication is exemplary and insight will save you tens of thousands of dollars.
Randy Ramadhin,
Author of “Investing in Condominiums – Strategies, Tips, and Expert Advice for Canadians”
Hi Mathew,
I just wanted to thank you for putting together an awesome presentation. I Think using pictures to describe your stories and using the type of analogies that you use really help me understand the concepts and principles that you teach.

I listened to you on Sarah’s podcast. You give your audience excellent information and real content from your experiences. It’s certainly a very inspiring to hear about the success you have created. It’s nice that you have stayed humble. You certainly left an impression on me! 

Hey Mathew,
I just wanted to reach out and say what a great job you did yesterday at the REITE club. You have a great approach and you can tell you are a seasoned individual, so thank you for the further inspiration!  I really liked your analogy for the JV partner pitch regarding the pregnant woman and the man contributions. 
Hi Mathew
Btw I absolutely loved your presentation it was amazing. You definitely change my mind about the way I should see stuff around and a better way to get good deals on a daily basis.  You really inspired me when telling the story about Belize because I am from Cancun and I know that place.  I would like to read your book and learn as much as I can about how to be great in life.