Mathew Frederick
Program Designer & Mentor
Real Estate, Business & Wellness

With 29 years of experience in real estate investing, there is not a strategy that Mathew has not executed. His vast portfolio spans across residential, commercial, new development, fundraising, USA, off-shore & coaching.  

Mathew started in residential income property before expanding to buy-fix-sell, lease option, commercial buildings, new development projects, self-storage & modular homes. 

Mathew has led the renovation of many properties for over 29 years, most notably partnering with a developer to build 240 houses and 3 low-rise condo buildings over the past 10 years.

He now focuses on managing the assets of commercial portfolios, including plazas and multi-family buildings, plus coaching investors in real estate & business acquisition.  

Mat’s mindset treasures lifelong learning. This has equipped him with the capacity to develop alternative and creative approaches while mentoring investors.

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Expert & Co-founder ProFunds

Expanded Background History
Mathew began his career as a soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, where he developed his stellar leadership and strategic thinking skills. After studying Computer Systems Technology, he joined a major bank as a Computer Systems Analyst. 

Mathew spent a decade teaching Computer Business Systems at post-secondary level, including computer software applications. His teaching philosophy stresses a keen awareness of the big picture, practical knowledge, and hands-on training, which resulted in sustained learning and substantial success for his students.

While teaching, he began investing in residential real estate and learning how to find, analyse, negotiate, finance, upgrade, tenant and manage rental income property.  

Today, Mathew designs and teaches real estate & business courses. While he is exceptionally accomplished, he has made his share of mistakes.

Through his experiences of both success and adversity, Mathew has learned the value of resilience, persistence & partnership.


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Mathew Frederick – Mentor

“I can spot problems & create solutions.
With 29 years of real estate investing,
there isn’t much I haven’t seen or done.”

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Author of Real Canadian Investor – 2007