Many investors would like to share their knowledge but feel grounded by a history of bland results and a multitude of investing mistakes.  Many are disheartened by the fact that even their kids don’t see them as successful or take their financial advice.  “I wish I was more successful so that I could pass the knowledge to my kids or share my story with other investors.”  It irks me when people make that statement.

I don’t want them to miss an opportunity by thinking they have nothing to share.  The opportunity to pass forward their knowledge before they depart the earth is priceless.  My uncle was a brilliant math teacher who helped thousands, but I couldn’t help but think at his funeral about what if he didn’t teach.  What if he used his smarts to amass wealth only to leave the wealth behind and allow the knowledge to be buried with him.  Investors who don’t believe sharing bland investing experiences and past mistakes are as important as success stories are just burying their gold.  There is no reward in this life for lazy.  Lazy because it’s easy to feel average but it takes work to realize you are special and have lots to offer.  You need to figure out how to leverage life in a way that it could benefit others.

I think we all know that the value of our life is always measured by how much knowledge we pass on to the generations coming.   So one doesn’t need grand success stories to give true value especially when most investing is not grand.  In fact, if you pass enough insight, wisdom, experience, and knowledge to the people, it will get around to your kids sometime in the future, even after you are gone.

An absolutely fulfilled person is one who has had the privilege to share knowledge and insight to as many people as possible, and seeing the successful results in others, even if they could not create it in their own life.  You can’t take the fancy house or your knowledge with you but knowing that you helped hundreds, who then helped hundreds puts a smile on your face on that last day.  Do you want to go out smiling or crying?