Pay Down Your Portfolio
Mathew Frederick

A Proven Track Record
With 28 years of investing expertise, we’ve developed successful systems that will teach you the skills you need to assess the situation, plan a solution, and get the results you want. 

We know that there are many pop-up companies out there with a few years of experience professing to have the “secrets of success”.  But they don’t own commercial real estate or successful businesses.  We do.

Our team is led by real-estate expert Mathew Frederick, who is committed to getting you across the real-estate finish line in first place.

Our mentors have 10 to 28 years of experience and own dozens of residential and commercial real estate.  They’ve raised millions, built hundreds of homes, and coached thousands of people.

We’ll help you frame your goal, raise capital, acquire the right wealth instruments, and get results.  We help you build sustainable wealth from scratch using safe, fast, and proven techniques, whether you need to build your real estate portfolio or grow your business.

Our systems save you time, stress, effort & money.  And, they provide sustainable wealth by focusing on commercial real estate, coaching & co-venturing.

And we’re dedicated to taking the journey with you.  Some of our clients like to be “hands-on”.  They like to find, analyze, negotiate, upgrade and oversee the management of the property or business venture.  Others choose to be “hands-off” and manage the capital & financing necessary to close the deal.

Our promise to you is integrity, consistency, proven technique, & best-in-the-industry communication.


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