Negotiate Like a Pro


Negotiation is the KEY to investing success.

Great negotiation technique helps you achieve the best price, more favourable terms, shorter timelines, & higher quality of work.

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Saturday March 21, 2020
Time: 9am – 5pm  (8:30am registration)

Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel & Conference Centre
3063 S Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7N 3E9
2nd Floor Brant room

By: Mathew Frederick

1. Get into right mindset
2. Prepare early for negotiation
3. Gather info to back your points
4. Provide quantitative facts
5. Communicate to influence
6. Secrets to favourable outcomes
7. Negotiating offers
8. Securing JV financing
& the next steps

– Lunch
– Printed Materials
– Case Study: role play

Secure great purchase prices & sell for top dollar.

Expert negotiation and successful investing go hand in hand and is required for the entire ownership cycle of the property.
Right negotiation gets you the best information, timeline, price, due diligence data, & financing.  Unfortunately we are not
taught how to negotiate in school and most people can’t achieve win-win results.

Learning how to negotiate great pricing on off-market property and getting joint venture partners to fully fund the deal for 50% is
the main goal of this negotiation workshop.  Your ability to secure better contractors, lower prices for more service, and dealing
better with tenants is the secondary purpose of this workshop.  We know how to do both and how to tech investors to effectively
achieve better results within 30 days.

I have been investing in real estate for 28 years and have conducted over 100,000 negotiation favourable outcomes.
Knowing how to negotiate is equally important in knowing how not to be out negotiated.  No one likes to be stuck in a bad contract,
short changed, or left behind after a weak negotiation outing.  We can help you to negotiate right!

Understanding mindset, preparation, & communication is 75% of the game and when properly managed, sets the foundation for
success while reducing stress, conflict & loss of time.  We have a proven system developed through real estate investing and
entrepreneurship that gets the process firing on all cylinders.