Commercial Investing


Multi-Res & Plaza is the next logical step for high cash flow!
We help you establish co-venture partners to provide 100% down payment, mortgage & closing costs for commercial property & teach you how to run the show.

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Sunday February 22, 2020
Time: 9am – 4pm  (8:30am registration)

Holiday Inn Burlington Hotel & Conference Centre
3063 S Service Rd, Burlington, ON L7N 3E9
2nd Floor Brant room

By: Mathew Frederick

1. Find off-market deals
2. Calculate right price
3. Assemble offer & clauses
4. Due diligence system
5. Budget for upgrades
6. Find JV to finance partners
7. Management system

– Lunch
– Printed materials
– Case Study: role play

Quit low cash-flow & start making $3,000 – $6,000 income per month.

Did you know that a $400,000 2-family property making $500 monthly cash-flow requires 12 properties to replace a $6,000 monthly income at a portfolio cost of $4.8 million?

But that a $2 million dollar commercial property making $3,000 in monthly cash-flow requires only 2 properties to replace a $6,000 monthly income at a cost of $4 million.

Overall, it costs less & is less stressful to make a $6,000 monthly income with 2 commercial properties than with 12 houses.

How?  Because they are purposely built & professionally managed. 

We specialize in establishing co-venture partners who provide the down payment, mortgage & closing costs for commercial properties.  Co-venturing partners offer 50% of the cash-flow in exchange for your help acquiring, investigating, & managing the property for the next 5 years.

Our system teaches you how to acquire co-venture partners, match them to great properties, and retain a controlling interest.

Now that’s a great way to earn additional income.

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