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Get a multi-family building in 3 months using our automated online video library with 24 tasks months.
Access each progressive task at your own pace, watch related videos, & perform the in-field tasks.

– 24 tasks with goals, videos & results
– 100 videos with power points

– 50 audio sessions with owners 
– 70 checklists & documents
– Learn proper order without blanks
   FEE     $1,995 + hst


An expert finds off-market property, you provide the refundable deposit, then assigns it for a huge profit and split the proceeds. 

– Find owners & convince them to sell 
– Analyze, negotiate, & get under contract
– Right to assign, finance & inspect
– Market materials to find new buyer
– Assign deal an split the profit 50% 
– Hands-off & no experience required
– You provide refundable deposit
   (Average deposit $24,000 to sellers lawyers trust)
   FEE     $4,999 + hst


Get an off-market investment property in 6 months working weekly with an expert 1-on-1 plus access to our video library with 100 videos, 50 audio recordings & documents. 

– We design a specific program 
– 1-on-1 weekly meeting (1 hour) 
– Lead you through to keep on track
– Experience based answers & tasks
– Online video library 
– 4 months to buy + 2 months of help
– You require down-payment & mortgage qualification 
   FEE     $9,995 + hst


Get an off-market property working 1-on1 weekly with an expert.  Find a JV partner to provide ALL the down-payment & mortgage financing.   

– Weekly meet with a coach (2hr)
– Find off-market deal at best price
– Analyze, view, secure & diligence
– Package deal & find a JV partner
– Secure property management 
– Company set-up & exit strategy
– Repeat process & 1 year assistance
– You DO NOT require down-payment & mortgage qualification
   FEE     $21,000 + hst


Mathew Frederick

commercial real estate

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