Personal Advisory Sessions

All successful people build wealth by standing on the shoulders of giants.  It’s critical to immerse yourself in the presence of those who have already accomplished what you want to be.  These experts have developed systems that make difficult tasks easy, which means you can spend your time fine tuning results. 

Working with a mentor to break down complicated tasks in real time is the best way to learn.  With your mentor’s team of licensed experts, contractors, and high quality contracts, you’ll cross the finish line faster than you ever would on your own.

As an alumni, you benefit from our mastermind sessions and gain access to stories from 1,000 past students who are willing to share their experiences so that you can create your own.

– Expert Knowledge

– Successful Strategies
– Learning In-the-field
– Accountability Markers
– Team Learning
– Training to Coach

Coaching & Advising Program

Expert answers to your key questions in real-time.  Let’s face it, problems are going to pop up.  When they do, you’re going to want advice from people who have experienced the same problem.  But this can be difficult to find.  This program is designed to provide expert, impartial, and concise advice when you are in the hot seat.


Who, How, What & Why!
– New investors or business owners
– Experienced investors with portfolios
– Telephone & Skype consulting
– Help handling problems & procedure
– Overcoming & reducing conflict

Telephone Consulting Program:
1.  Set the right goals
2.  Give the right advice

3.  Advice from unbiased 3rd party
4.  Answers to all of your questions
5.  Insight & experience
6.  Handling obstacles in real time

Advisory Team:
1. Have an expert to bounce ideas off?
2. Have someone to tell you NO? 
3. Our consultants tell you the truth!


1:1 Mentorship Program

The best way to learn is in-the-field under the supervision of and expert.  This allows you to experience each task first hand and reinforces each activity.  This program is designed to help you gain operational competency over systems that build wealth while our experts are right by your side.

Who, How, What & Why!
– New or seasoned investors
– Real estate & business

– 1:1, in-field, & team training
– Find & purchase investment property
– Find co-venture partners to finance
– Fastest way to build wealth

Choose Your Desired Mentorship: 
1. Establish a co-venture funding partner
2. Purchase a commercial property
3. Purchase 2-4 unit houses
4. Build a rental house
   No.1 can be combined with 2, 3, or 4

In-the-field Mentorship Program:
1.  Find & analyse property
2.  View, analyze & purchase
3.  How to acquire JV partners
4.  Repair & upgrade
5.  Guide & review process

Wealth Requires the Following Skills:
1. Wisdom based expert knowledge
2. Hands-on experience with a professional
3. Systems to reduce errors & stress
4. Learning how to present to partners


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