Self-Storage WEBINAR by Mathew Frederick – Author & Mentor

COMING SOON8pm-9pm(est)

Most profitable new concept

Combining low maintenance high paying self-storage with office rental income

This is not your grandfather’s self-storage!  First generation grimy garage type self-storage facilities have progressed to 3 story, third generation facilities that are beautifully designed, climate controlled, clean, and secure.

Fourth generation incorporates the benefits of the previous generation plus shared office space, coffee café, board rooms, & upscale change rooms.  A true extension of the home & work office combined with a fun atmosphere.

We plan to build a 65,000sqft fourth generation facility in Oakville Ontario with a 2 year building time and cost of $7.8 million.  We seek equity partners desirous of owning the land, building, & business therefore profiting from the income, appreciation, & mortgage pay-down.  Partners become equity shareholders based upon proportional investment. 

How to:
– Self Storage defined
– How to maximize cash-flow
– Services to attract customers
– Budget for building storage business
– 4th generation benefits