Ambassador Program

You can make $3,000+ monthly by helping others learn how to invest.

We provide the highest payouts among all other comparable programs.

Get $500 cash when your prospect enters your promo code to purchases the All Video/Audio library ($3,999) or $100 for Individual Segments ($699).

Our Video Library has 100 video lessons, 50 audio sessions & 70 documents.

 The 90 Day Challenge Online Program sets 24 tasks utilizing the Video Library

plus the video training seasons fill in the blanks and teach the right techniques. 

How It Works

Contact us to receive a unique promo code (see below).

Invite prospect to view Mathew explaining his Online Video Library.

Invite prospect to view Mathew Frederick’s bio.  Link: Mathew Frederick Bio

Invite prospect to view FREE videos presented by Mathew Frederick on topics including Multi-family & Co-venture, Kids Education Funding, Generational Wealth & Paradise Investing Belize.  Link:

Invite prospects to view Mathew’s guest appearances on pod casts by industry leaders on 24 topics.  Link:

Invite prospects to view the 90 Day Challenge Program which is included along with 50 audio recordings & 70 documents when purchasing the All Video/Audio library.
Link: 90 Day Challenge Program

Invite your prospect to buy: Online Video Library which includes the 90 Day Challenge Online Program, 50 audio recordings & 70 operational documents.

Your unique promo code allows us to track your prospect purchase.

21 days after your prospect buys the Online Video Library, you get paid!  The 21 day delay allows Visa/MC to confirm the payment.

Payment Fees & Option:

We e-transfer $500 for (All Video/Audio option) & proof of payment invoice to your email 21 days after your prospect purchases the All Video/Audio option.

Example of payment:  6 sales of All Video/Audio option (6 * $500 = $3,000 CDN).

We e-transfer $100 (per Individual Segment) & proof of payment invoice to your email 21 days after your prospect purchases each Individual section (8 segments in all).  All Video/Audio option is not valid with this option. 

– All Audio/Video option: $3,999 ($1,600 savings over buying 8 Individual Segments)
– Individual Segments: $699 each (8 segments totaling $5,600)

All in Canadian Currency + HST 


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