High Multi-Family Cash-Flow with Joint Venture 
by Mentor Mathew Frederick

Multi-Family & Plaza is the next logical step for high cash flow!
Investors often invest in 3 rental houses, only to realize that they were not designed for multiple families.  With these properties, repairs mount, cash-flow is low, and management stress is high.

Multi-family buildings or strip plazas are specifically designed to withstand wear and tear.  That means less repairs, 3X more cash-flow, and less stress for you.

We help you transition from investing in low-return income houses to earning passive revenue from high cash-flow, professionally managed multi-family buildings & strip plazas.

We help you establish co-venture partners to provide 100% down payment, mortgage & closing costs for commercial property & teach you how to run the show.

Learn How To
– Locate off-market property
– Calculate right offer price
– Find JV partners to finance


How To Build Houses 
by Mentor Mathew Frederick

Ever drive by a vacant lot and wonder, is there money in that?
The answer is YES
So why hasn’t it been developed?
Its HARD without expert knowledge!

I’ve completed 5 sub-divisions totaling 240 houses & 3 buildings totaling 150 condo units so for me, 1 or 2 houses is a breeze.

I can help you TAKE advantage of missed building opportunity.

I will explain 3 systems to make money with lots.  

1. Pre-land purchase 
2. Pre-construction
3. Post-construction 

Learn How To
– Locate best off-market lots
– Quickly determine feasibility
– Know building department needs
– Pick a great builder

Paradise Investing Belize
by Mathew Frederick

A getaway to find your way!

Secure your paradise vacation home today and have renters pay the mortgage.  Plus, generate income & appreciation until you retire.

We’ve been building in Belize since 2007 and invite you to join our community of Canadian investors in Placencia, South Belize.

Belize radiates beautiful sandy beaches, azure waters, delicious food, & Mayan ruins. Spend your time reef diving, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, golfing, & much more.

Belize is one of the best vacation & retirement places in the world to invest. Best of all, Belize shares many political, legal, land ownership, and language rights as with Canada.

Lets have a discussion about beautiful Belize by joining our webinar.

Learn How To
– Locate best off-market lots
– Pick the best area & type
– How to register ownership
– Learn retirement intensives