Kids Education Funded Through Real Estate
by Mentor Mathew Frederick

Want to learn more about how you can fund your kid’s education through real estate investing?  

There are so many investment gimmicks out there earning limited results but real estate has stood the test of time. All you need is an expert with 30 years of experience and a proven track record, to help you with the heavy lifting & a map of the road forward.  

Mathew discusses:
1. Property types to fund education
2. The right 4, 8, & 12 year plan
3. How we find off-market properties:
    – at the best price
    – with the least competition

4. Improve layout to maximize profit
5. Increase value & cash-flow  

High Multi-Family Cash-Flow with Co-Venture 
by Mentor Mathew Frederick

Invstors often invest in 3 rental houses, only to realize that they were not designed for multiple families.  With these properties, repairs mount, cash-flow is low, and management stress is high.

Multi-family buildings or strip plazas are specifically designed to withstand wear and tear.  That means less repairs, 3X more cash-flow, and less stress for you.

We help you transition from investing in low-return income houses to earning passive revenue from high cash-flow, professionally managed multi-family buildings & strip plazas.

We help you establish co-venture partners to provide 100% down payment, mortgage & closing costs for commercial property & teach you how to run the show.

Mathew discusses:
– Should I buy houses or buildings?
– Types of commercial property
– Locate off-market property
– Calculate commercial property

– Calculate the right offer price
– Find JV partners to finance


Paradise Investing Belize
by Master Mathew Frederick

A getaway to find your way!

Secure your paradise vacation home today and have renters pay the mortgage.  We will introduce you to Belize and our system for building that perfect property for vacation & retirement.

We’ve been building in Belize since 2007 and invite you to join our community of Canadian investors in Placencia, South Belize.

Belize radiates beautiful sandy beaches, azure waters, delicious food, & Mayan ruins. Spend your time reef diving, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, golfing, & much more.

Belize is one of the best vacation & retirement places in the world to invest. Best of all, Belize shares many political, legal, land ownership, and language rights as with Canada.

Mathew discusses
– Best area to invest
– Best type of investment property
– Belize statistics
– A review of rental seasons & activities
– Cost to build & maintain a property
– Revenue & expense streams
– Introduction to our company & systems

H.U.G Maneuver (Generational Wealth) Webinar
by Mentor Mathew Frederick

The H.U.G Maneuver was invested by Mathew Frederick to create generational wealth primarily for 1st or 2nd generation immigrants to Canada or the USA.

The strategy identifies that generational wealth is based upon 2 elements, advanced education for your children (private school) and high-net-worth assets(Investment property).

Mathew unites a Millennial couple with young kids (require education funding but can’t afford an income generating investment property by themselves) & an Generation X couple who can afford and extra income property but lack the time of manpower to manage it (needed in 12 to 16 years as their retirement).

They help each other over a 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 or 24 year joint venture plan. I call it Hand Me Up because the younger Millennial receives the cash-flow 1st then the older Generation X received the cash-flow 2nd.