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Owning income real estate is a great source of revenue.  But we know it can be time-consuming and stressful, especially on top of your full-time job. 

Investors often invest in 3 rental houses, only to realize that they were not designed for multiple families.  With these properties, repairs mount, cash-flow is low, and management stress is high.

Multi-family buildings or strip plazas are specifically designed to withstand wear and tear.  That means less repairs, more cash-flow, and less stress for you.

With 29 years of experience, we know the real-world market.  We own apartment buildings & retail plazas.  We have systems in place to help you discover off-market deals, gather the facts, secure the best price, and save money on investments.

We help you transition from investing in low-return income houses to earning passive revenue from high cash-flow, professionally managed multi-family buildings & strip plazas.

commercial real estate


Investing in real estate requires hands-on sweat equity or hands-off financing.  The first provides knowledge & labour and the second provides capital & financing.  It’s a symbiotic relationship.

It’s no secret that most investors are seeking co-venture partners to provide the down payment and mortgage.

But there’s the bad news.  There’s only a 1 in 21 chance of finding someone who will secure 100% of the co-venture financing in exchange for 50% of the cash-flow and mortgage pay down.

That’s why we’ve perfected a step system guaranteed to increase the odds of finding a partner to fully finance the property and share 50% of the proceeds to 1 in 7. 

We help you find potential co-venture partners, develop a relationship, structure the venture, receive complete funding, and create successful systems for win-win results.



Let’s face it, people pay top dollar for knowledge today.  But being a great teacher is not enough to turn speaking or coaching into a profitable career.

Income Coaching is a skill set so powerful that it will transform every area of your life, help you find more clients, and increase your investment capital. 

Coaching will help you become the best version of yourself.  You’ll become a better communicator, better investor, and even a better conversationalist.

Over the past 20 years we have taught hundreds how to invest.  We have developed a speaker training program that combines teaching & influence.

Successful speakers understand the secret art of combining teaching and sales so that students come back to purchase more modules.

We’ll help you choose a topic of expertise, develop a lesson plan, develop your on-stage presence, and infuse your presentation with the right sales elements so that your audience jumps to take action.

commercial real estate

Mathew Frederick – Mentor

“I can spot problems & create solutions.”
With 29 years of real estate investing experience,
there isn’t much Mathew has not seen or done.”

Duration: 1 Hour – Investment $199



The Break Through
Mathew Frederick

Have you hit a glass ceiling, feel like you’re spinning your wheels, or are just too busy?  If your ladder of success is on the wrong wall, even a well-paying job feels empty!  Cultural norms, industry limitations, and family expectations can place you in a box.  When people get stuck, they unknowingly repeat 3 steps – they nurse it, curse it, and rehearse it.

We help you stop this destructive cycle and listen to your future self.  The person that you are destined to become, demands that the person you are today starts planning for wealth.  Successful people invest in themselves by seeking out and learning 1:1 from experts who are doing exactly what they want to accomplish. 

We provide 1:1 mentorship programs that walk you through the following:
1. How to establish a funding partner
2. How to find off market deals
3. How to purchase a commercial property


real estate education

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real estate education


real estate education



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